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Product Details

An ancient Ayurvedic formulation -

Silkeshine is formulated from ancient ayurvedic system of medicine. It contains many age old, time tested herbs such as Shikekai, Tulsi, Aritha, Amala, Harda, Behda, Jatamasi, Rose buds, Kapoor kachari, Brahmi, Maka, Chandan etc. These ingredients having age old secret of hair care and growth.

Modern chemical based shampoo strip the hair of its natural oils making the hair lifeless and brittle and scalp dry and itchy, but unlike other shampoo Silkeshine is free from harsh chemical, detergents. Silkeshine is exclusively formulated and presented in powder form only to retain all the quality and purity of natural ingredients.

Silkeshine is best suitable for all type of hair & related problems.
Silkeshine contains various antiseptic ingredients that's why its having antiseptic properties, prevents dandruff & also protect hair from lice & nits. It also arrest bacterial growth of hair & scalp.

Its great anti-dandruff formula keeps hair silky shine fresh & fine. Silkeshine not only makes hair grow but its great formula arrests hair from graying & prevents hair and scalp disorders. It is a complete hair care treatment in itself.
Silkeshine does not contain any harmful ingredients so it is suitable to people of all age including children.
Silkeshine's appealing fragrance keeps you fresh all the day long.

Directions for use:
Wet your hair, take 2-3 spoonful of Silkeshine powder in your hand and add little water in it to form a paste and rub the paste into hair and scalp & rinse after two minutes. Repeat the process to feel the luxuriant lather and effect of Silkeshines' hair nourishing herbs. Rise again and feel hair proud.



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