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Frequently Asked Questions

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Que. 1 I have acne. Should I expose my Skin to Sun ?

Que. 2 My nails are febrile. How can I make them grow ?

Que. 3 I have an oily skin. What type of facial mask can I use? Should I use Moisturiser ?

Que. 4 Is it harmful for one's hair to wash it more than once a week ?

Que. 5 Can you tell me what goes on first - Skin Tonic or Moisturiser ?

Que. 6 My problem is very dry scalp. My head's itchy, my hair has lost its usual glow and bounce. Can you help ?

Que. 7. Though I am tall, good looking but my problem is of small breasts. It makes me feel conscious sometime. What should I do ?

Que. 8. I am 24 and I have dry skin. I am confused what to use on my skin with so many products in the market. ?

Que. 9. I am 16, I have dark patches under my eyes. Initially, I thought they were due to lack of sleep and weakness, but that does not seem to be the case. These patches appear just before my periods and disappear within a day or two. Suggest an effective remedy for treatment of acne.

Que. 10 I am a 55 year old diabetic man and I take Daonil 500 gm oral tab thrice in a day, still by blood sugar level is not controlled, I am also overweight. Can I reduce my dose of Daonil ?

Que. 11 My hair is getting dull day by day. How can I get soft and silky hair ?

Que. 12 What is the ideal way to get rid of unwanted hair? Does shaving take its toll on the skin ?

Que. 13 I have shining and oily skin. It is prone to blackheads and large pores. My make up doesn't stay on for long. What should I do ?



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