Adhmana (Epistasis/Flatulence) - Excessive formation of gases in stomach and intestine. Agnimandya (Antidyspetic) - Preventing to dyspepsia.
Ajirna (Indigestion) - Lack or failure of indigestion.
Amatisara (Acute diarrhoea) - Pertaining to severe diarrhoea.
Amavata (Arthritis) - Rheumatism in which the inflammatory lesions are confined to the joints. Amlapitta (Dyspepsia) - Vomiting or diarrhoea also blood spiting, heart burning and catarrh of stomach are indicated.
Anaha (Epistasis) - Excessive formation of gases in stomach and intestine.
Anidra (Sleeplessness) - Lack of sleeping.
Apaci (Adenitis) - Inflammation of a gland.
Apasmara (Anti-epileptic) - An agent that combats epilepsy.
Arsa (Piles) - Haemorrhoides, painful tumours around or with in the anus.
Aruci (Anoreria) - Lack or loss of the appetite for food.
Asmari (Urirary calculi) - Stone in bladder.
Asrgdara (Menstruation) - Excessive flow of blood during or after the menses.
Asthila (Tumour) - Inflammation of the prostate a rounded hard fired tumours.
Atisara (Diarrhoea) - Frequent loose watery stools.
Chardi (Emesis) - The forcible expulsion effects to vomit of the contents of the stomach through the mouth. 
Oaha (Burning) - Relieves burning sensations.
Oaurbalya (Skin disease) - Scaly affections of the skin.
Gandamala (Scrofula) - Tuberculosis with glandular swelling.
Grahani (Spruce) -:- An imaginary organ supposed to the between the stomach and the intestines. Grahaniroga (Colitis) - Inflammation of colon. .
Gudabhramsa (Prolapsed sectum) - In this prolapsis of rectum, one should warm the anus. ,Gudasoth (Swelling in Anus) - Swelling or inflammation in anus. .
Gulma (Abdominal lump) - A round, growth like swelling hardness in the intestines between the heart and the navel.
Hikka (Hicough) - A spasmodic round in throat.
Hrdroga (Heart disease) - Pertaining heart diseases.
Hrillasa (Hiccup) -. Palpitation of heart (accord to some also hiccup)
Indralupta (Alopecia) - Baldness, absence of the hair from skin areas where it normally is present. Jirnajvara (Fever) - Relating to fever.
Jvara (Antipycetic) - To be fererish fevers relieving or reducing fever.
Kamala (Jaundice) - A syndrome characterized by hyperbilirubinemia and deposition of bite pigment in the skin.
Kandu (Pruritus) - Itching, scabby, scratching.
Kanthamukharoga (Throat and mouth diseases) - Diseases of throat and mouth.
Karnaroga (Ear disease) - Pertaining to ear diseases.
Kasa (Antitussive) - Relieving or preventing cough; an agent that relieves or prevents cough. Kastartava (Dysmenorrhoea) - Unusually painful menstrual period.
Kastisula (Back ache) - Relating with back ache.
Klaibya (Impotency) - Lack of power, chiefly of copulative power in the'male.
Krmiroga (Anthelmintis) - An agent that is destructive to worms.
Ksata (Lacerated wound) - Incised or lacerated or punctured wound.
Ksaya (Astringent) - An agent which has an astringent action.
Kustha (Leprosy) - Anyone of the viscera of the body.
Manasaroga (Mental diseases) ~ Pertaining to mental diseases.
Medosa (Infection in stomach) - Stomach disease.
Meha (Urinary disease) - Relating to urine.
Mukharoga (Stomatitis) - Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth.
Nastartava (Amenorrhoea) - Absence of the menstrual period.
Netroroga (Eye diseases) - Relating to eye diseases.
Pandu (Chlorosis) - Yellowish, pale anaemia, various diseases varieties of the skin colour. Paravasula (Flank pain) ~ Pain of flanks (the part of the body below the ribs and above the ilium. Pinasa (Nasal disease) - Heaviness in head, loss of appetite, this discharge from the nose.
Pliharoga (Spleen disease) - Relating to the spleen.
Pradara (Dysmenorrhoea) - Bleeding during the menses.
Prameha (Polyuria) - The passage of the large volume of urine in a given period characteristic of diabetes.
Pratisyaya (Coryza) - An acute catarrhal condition of the nasal mucous membrane with a profuse discharge from the nostrils.
Pravahika (Dysentery) - A disease characterized by severe diarrhoea with passage of the mucus and blood.
Raktadosa (Dyscrasia) - Bad temperament; a term form,erly used to indicate a depraved state of the humors.
Raktapitta (Haemorrhagic disease) - Pertaining to haemorrhage.
Raktavikara (Hematological disorders) - Relating to blood or hematology.
Sitapitta (Urticaria) - A Vascular reaction of the skin marked by the transient appearance of smooth, slightly elevated patches which are redder or paler than the surrounding skin and after attended by severe itching.
Slesmajvara (Phlegm) - Morbid or viscid mucus recareted in abnormally large amount.
Sotha (Oedema) - Of relating to or resulting from the Oedipus complex, the unreselved osdipal feeling persisting into adult like that may be a source of personality disorder.
Stanyakraya, Decreased production milk and scanty ejection or no production.
Sukraksya (Reducing semen) - Loss of semen.
Sukrameha (Spermatorrhoea) - Abnormally frequent or excessive emission of semen without orgasm. Sula (Colic) - Acute spasmodic pain.
Svarabheda (Hourseness) - Simulation of voice.
Svasa (Bronchial asthma/dyspnea) - Difficult or labored respiration.
Svetapradara (Leucorrhoea) - A white, yellowish, or greenish-white viscid discharge from the vagina resulting from inflammation or congestion of the uterine or vaginal mucous membrane.
Svitra (Leucoderma) - A skin abnormality that is characterized by a congenital lack of pigment is spots or bands and produces a patchy whiteness.
Tamaka svasa (Cough) - Oppressive feeling the patient has noisy cough with phlegmatic discharge. Trsna (Polydipsia) - Excessive thirst.
Udararoga (Stomach diseases) - Diseases of stomach and bowels.
Udaravarta (Constipation) - Infrequent or difficult evacuation of the feces.
Unmeda (Mad) - Intoxicating furious drunk marked by Natural disorder.
Vastiroga (Urinary diseases) - Relating to urine.
Vastisula (Urinary disorder) - Relating to urinary diseases.
Vatarakta (Gout) - Treatment of gout-like condition.
Vataroga (Nervous disorder) - Disease of the nervous system.
Vatavyadhi (Diseases of nervous system) - Relating to nervous diseases.
Vibandha (Constipation) - Related to gastrointestinal diseases/irregular motion.
Vidradhi (Abscess) - Localized collection of pus formed as a reaction to pyrogenic organisms. Visamajvara (Malaria) - An acute or chronic disease caused by the presence of sporozoan parasites of the germs.
Visarpa (Erysipelas) - An acute febrile disease that is associated with intense often vesicular and edematous- local inflammation of the skin.
Vrana (Ulcer) - Chronic ulcer relating to stomach.
Yakrdvikara (Liver diseases) - Relating to liver diseases.
Yonidosa (Gynoecological disorder) - Vaginal disorder.
Yonisaithilya (Relax of Vagina) - Diseases related to vagina.